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A Guide to The King’s College Chapel

by stephaniehiggins
24 October 2017 · 2 min read
Guide to King’s College Chapel

Visiting Cambridge is a great opportunity to marvel at some truly breathtaking architecture, both modern and historic.

With so many beautiful buildings and locations to visit, it’s hard to fit it all into a weekend or even a day, so it’s worth knowing the best spots to visit so that you can plan accordingly. One of the sights that tops many a guest’s wish list when staying with us at The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge is King’s College Chapel.

The Chapel is a stunning example of late Gothic perpendicular architecture and should definitely feature on your own list of buildings to marvel at during your city break.

After a day spent admiring the beautiful exterior of the building and exploring everything that it holds within it, you’re must minutes away from relaxing in your room at The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about King’s College Chapel.

What is it and when was it built?

King’s College Chapel is situated in the heart of Cambridge. Its history dates all the way back to 1446, when Henry VI began work on the structure. It has taken over a century to build and was named a world heritage site in 1950. The building boasts the largest fan vault in the world and has some of the best examples of medieval stained glass in the country. The Chapel now hosts the annual Cambridge Christmas Eve service, a festival of nine lessons and carols, which is broadcast globally.

What will you be able to see when you visit?

A day spent at King’s College Chapel is sure to be an exciting and educational experience. You could choose to visit the exhibition of the history of the college, the world’s largest fan vaulted ceiling and the Adoration of the Magi by Rubens. Be sure to spend some time appreciating the famous organ, which has a gilded pipework case which surmounts the 16th Century screen. The organ has recently undergone a nine-month restoration which will ensure it remains in perfect working order for the next generation. After taking in the stunning interiors of the building, enjoy some time outside where you will be able to browse the College grounds at leisure.

What events are coming up?

As well as hosting the Christmas Eve service, King’s College Chapel also holds a number of other choir events through the year – each a wonderful opportunity to marvel at true talent in a fitting environment. If you will be staying with us at The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge in the New Year, be sure to add the 13th January 2018 as a date to your diary. Then, you’ll be able to join with others to celebrate the King’s Voice 20th anniversary. This event is an opportunity to listen to the inimitable college’s mixed choir, which was set up in 1997 in order to allow women to participate. The event will include a rehearsal and a rendition of Coral Evensong, which will then be followed by an evening reception.