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4 things to do with the kids in Gibraltar this month 

05 January 2018 · 3 min read

Gibraltar is a great place to visit for a family holiday as there is such a diverse range of activities to engage with and enjoy.

Whether you prefer to simply relax, take leisurely walks and appreciate the stunning views or visit museums to learn about the rich culture of the territory, it’s all here in sunny Gibraltar.

When you are traveling with kids, it can be important to plan your days in advance to reduce boredom and ensure that kids have a good time, so read on for some great ideas for activities to do with the little ones while staying at one of our hotels in Gibraltar.

Visit Morrish Castle

5 Moorish Castle Estate, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

This medieval castle is comprised of various buildings, gates and fortified walls, so there will be plenty for kids to see and explore when you take them here for the day. The castle dates all the way back to the 11th century, making it the perfect backdrop to a quick lesson on the history of Gibraltar. Walk around the complex, which now only comprises of the ‘Tower of Homage’. The original site once stretched all the way down to Casemates Square, which is situated at the north end of Main Street.

Head to Ape’s Den  

Old Queen’s Rd, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

Are your little ones fascinating by animals of all shapes and sizes? If the answer is yes, a trip to the Ape’s Den should definitely be at the top of your itinerary during your stay at The Eliott Hotel Gibraltar.

Here you and your family will have to chance to get up close and personal with Gibraltar’s famous Barbary macaques, which are the only free-to-roam primates in the whole of Europe. Legend has it that if the animals were to leave Gibraltar, the territory would cease to be British, so you can see why a visit here is so popular amongst tourists. Encourage your kids to watch the monkeys as they get up to their daily business and interact with the other animals around them. Remember not to feed the animals or do anything that may annoy them as they will bite if they feel frightened. After an action-packed day, your room at one of our hotels in Gibraltar is the perfect place to unwind.

little monkey love

Explore the World War II tunnels

Willis’s Rd, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

If your children happen to be learning about war at school, they will love gaining a first-hand understanding of what went on with a visit to these tunnels. The tunnels were created by four specialised companies from the Royal Engineers and the Canadian Army to meet the increasing needs for accommodation as well as storage for food, ammunition and equipment. Adventurous children will love the opportunity to explore the tunnels and experience what life during the war was really like.

Enjoy some birdwatching

Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

Kids tend to be fascinated by anything that flies, so it’s lucky that Gibraltar is such a prime location to take part in bird-watching. The migration of soaring birds and seabirds occurs almost year-round here, with the sheer number of birds that you will get the chance to see being pretty impressive. Birds of prey such as Honey Buzzards, Black Kites and Short-toed Eagles also reside here, so it’s another great educational experience for the kids to enjoy.