O'Callaghan Collection

We Care

Environment, Social, Governance

Here at O’Callaghan Collection, we care.

We always strive to do business in an ethical, responsible way that positively affects our people and community and minimises the impact on our environment. Simply put, we do business with a conscience.

In taking care of all stakeholders that are impacted by the way we do business, we help create an ethos that is focused on doing business in an accountable, fair way. This approach to business empowers our team and our suppliers to make a difference in the work they do, managing their business in a way that benefits the greater good and ensures a better future for us all.

With all stakeholders working together towards a greater good with shared values, O’Callaghan Collection can focus on giving maximum value to the consumer, improving the guest experience and consistently exceeding every expectation each and every time a guest visits us.

To ensure we do business ethically, we have developed our ESG framework: we care about our Environment, we care about our Social impact and we care about good Governance.

We care about our Environment.

We’re delighted to announce that we have achieved the world-leading eco award for hotels and tourist establishments, The Green Key Award, making us the first hotel group in Ireland to achieve such an accreditation by continuously adapting to the most sustainable practices within our business. Read more about the Green Key Award Here.

Leading by example, we’ve built a green business that limits our impact on the environment, striving to manage our hotels in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Environmental initiatives to date have focused on ensuring food served in our hotels is locally-sourced where possible, engaging solely with suppliers who have strong CSR and Green Policies in place, ensuring our electricity is fully soured from renewable energy and putting water, energy and other resource saving processes in place to reduce consumption.


We care about the Social Impact on our people and our local community.

We work with our employees to train and upskill where possible, helping each team member reach their full potential in the workplace while continuously developing their skills. We empower our people to give back, offering employees volunteering days that they can take to work on behalf of a charity of their choosing. All employees are provided with free access to our gym to promote health and wellbeing and we celebrate monthly with all team members to thank them for their hard work and commitment, recognising those who deliver on company values and demonstrate care towards our guests and each other.

We also recognize the importance of giving back to our community. We’re proud of our people and the positive impact our brands have on local communities. Our team frequently take part in local initiatives and charity fundraisers, all aimed at making a positive difference for those in our community. Our Charity Partner for 2021 is the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland. Over the past three years, the team at O’Callaghan Collection has raised over €60,000 for a variety of charity partners, including the Irish Cancer Society, Pieta House and many others.

This year, we launched an initiative to recognise our Community Heroes. Every quarter, we ask our Charity Partners to nominate one of their volunteers to receive a reward of a night’s stay with the Collection to thank them for the work they do for the charity and the community. It’s our way of giving back to those who care for others.

We care about good Governance.

We approach business with a conscience, always working in an ethical way that benefits all of our stakeholders. O’Callaghan Collection complies with best business practice across all departments, ensuring fair treatment of all O’Callaghan Collection staff and suppliers. Our management structure is designed to ensure effective, fair decision-making across the business, with specific controls in place to ensure all departments are held accountable for approaching their business in an ethical, responsible manner.


We care about our Guests.

With every decision we make at O’Callaghan Collection, we show that we care about our guests. Across all of our environmental, social and governance initiatives, everything we do always has one core focus: ensuring what we do brings value to the customer and improves our guest experience. At O’Callaghan Collection, we continue to challenge ourselves to make decisions that not only positively impact our business and the business of our stakeholders but also positively impact our service excellence. We strive to continue building a strong ESG programme that demonstrates that we care in every area to ensure a better future for us all.