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Spend 48 Hours in Gibraltar

19 September 2017 · 3 min read
Gibraltar Views

Gibraltar is a unique location; a British overseas territory nestled alongside the Spanish coast, with a stunning climate, a rich history and plenty to see and do, despite its diminutive size. Ideal for a mini-break or a weekend getaway, the Rock of Gibraltar conceals within it a bustling town, abundance of get back to nature opportunities, plenty of shopping, a lively square and gorgeous views. All that, plus it benefits from a sunny Mediterranean climate and it’s easy to walk over the border to enjoy lunch in La Linea or venture further up the coast in Southern Spain. If you’re about to head off to Gibraltar, don’t do anything until you’ve read our guide to a few of the must-see attractions when spending 48 hours in Gibraltar…

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens of Gibraltar are a stunning scenic addition to this beautiful area, and make a great day out. They can also be enjoyed in a few hours if time is limited. With an integral wildlife park, Gibraltar Botanic Gardens houses many rare species of plant and cares for exotic animals confiscated by Gibraltar’s customs, as well as raising awareness of endangered species.

Gibraltar Museum

The central museum of Gibraltar is sure to play a significant role in your stay if you’ve an interest in history or culture, as it contains a unique insight on the stories which have made the Island of Gibraltar what it is today. From its founding, via past conflicts over the land and historical tales leading right up to the present day, the museum vividly weaves an intriguing narrative which will help unravel the many mysteries of this area.

St Michael’s Caves

St Michael’s Caves

These stunning caves have provided a major Gibraltar talking point for visitors since they were discovered by the Romans. For many years, the cave was believed to be linked to Africa via an underground walkway of some 15 miles, a myth which was eventually dispelled. St Michael’s Cave was prepared for usage as an emergency hospital during the Second World War, and now includes a unique Cathedral Cave which is used for concerts and plays, with a capacity of 600. The lower cave ends with its own small lake, and this is a truly stunning location to while away a few hours whilst staying at The Eliott Hotel Gibraltar.

Rock of Gibraltar

Highly recommended to every guest of O’Callaghan Hotels, no visit to Gibraltar is complete without a visit to its infamous ‘rock’; reach the top via either the speedy cable car or on foot, and marvel at the views of southern Spain and, on clearer days, the continent of Africa.

There are many more incredible sights to see when visiting Gibraltar, including the beautiful Moorish Castle on the hillside, the remarkable Bay of Gibraltar providing stunning scenery and delightful beaches, and the 18th century great siege tunnels with cannons and relics still on display. This is truly a location you could easily spend 48 hours (or longer) exploring.