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What to do and NOT to do at the office Christmas party

24 September 2019 · 4 min read

It’s that time again where the office is starting to plan the annual Christmas office party. We have all heard about the embarrassing horror stories about somebody who didn’t follow the dos and don’ts of the office Christmas party. Here are our tricks so it doesn’t happen to you!


Get too drunk

I think this is the advice to all when it comes to any work-related event. Save your self being in the centre of an embarrassing story and the hangover by pacing your drinks and making sure there is something to line your stomach before the party begins.

Forget to bring your secret Santa gift

This can be some people’s favourite part of the night and for others, it is the nightmare before Christmas. No matter what don’t forget your secret Santa gift, saving the after New Year’s awkward exchange and the not so secret gift at that point.

Forget your festive outfit

Whether your Christmas party is themed or not it is always nice to splash out a little bit of holiday cheer into your outfit. It can be a simple Christmas hat or holiday-themed tie and socks the little bit of effort will make it more like a winter wonderland.


Karaoke at work is never the best idea

Take the example of Bridget Jones diary! Not many can pull of Mariah Carey’s version of without you, but if you can pull it off please be our guest and show them how it is done.


Call in “sick”

Don’t be the person that calls in sick after being ut too late the night before or because you’re dying from embarrassment. If you follow the rules above you shouldn’t have that problem of being to ‘sick for work’.


Be a Grinch

Its Christmas after all! Nobody likes a Grinch, get up, mingle and get into the holiday spirit.



The Christmas party is a great chance to spend some time with people you may not see outside the office. Don’t miss out on all the fun of the Christmas party! Even if the Christmas office party isn’t your scene you don’t have to be the last man standing, go and enjoy some of the nibbles and drinks, practice some small talk and skip merrily home.


Talk to people you don’t usually talk to

Go out and mingle your way through the crowd! Take the opportunity of the Christmas party to talk to people from different areas and departments.


Talk about things other than work and the office

It is an office party but you don’t have to talk about work, you spend enough time talking about that stuff. Talk about your interests, sport and general life – you’ll never know what you mind find out about some of your colleagues!


Relax and take it easy

But not too much. The Christmas office party is organised so you can relax and let your hair down. Mingle and dance the night away along with enjoying nibbles and drinks but don’t overindulge or get so comfortable that you want to dance on the tables… it won’t turn out good.


Get the right playlist to set the mood

Music is the backbone of the night, it will determine if people are sitting, talking or up on the dance floor. Pop a suggestion box in the office and let people right down there top 3 favourite dance floor fillers, give them to the DJ and this way you are guaranteed people to be up dancing the night away.


Say thank you!

Always say thank you to the team who organised the Christmas party – it is not an easy task to take on! A sincere thank you will go a long way and make it all worth it!


The annual Christmas party is all about team spirit and celebrating a year of hard work all together. Planning your annual Christmas party isn’t for the faint-hearted with a lot of work and planning involved so you can get it just right! O’Callaghan collection is here to help with our Christmas elves on hand to make sure your Christmas party is a roaring success. We offer Christmas party packages along with team lunches and dinners to cater for smaller groups that still want to get into the holiday spirit. Get in contact today with our event team, which will make sure you and all your team can jingle all the way.