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Women who travel solo

12 May 2017 · 2 min read
Grafton street in Dublin

Many women love to travel alone, relax and enjoy some time to themselves. It frees the mind and is there anything nicer than to explore the beautiful places of the world? We think you do not need a companion to do so. Here’s some tips from us on how to travel alone best and some do’s and don’ts:

Where to stay

Whatever accommodation you prefer, everything is possible in Dublin. Hostels are cheap and make it easy to get to know people. That’s where the things are happening. Our hotels however are located very central which makes it easy to link several sights to another. Make sure to choose a central spot for your convenience and safety. Dublin is no dangerous city, however you should pay attention to pickpockets.


Is there anything women like more than shopping? Fortunately, Dublin offers a huge variety of shops, centres and boutiques. You can easily spend a whole day strolling through the shopping streets without getting bored. Grafton street, Henry street and the Stephen’s Green shopping centre are must go’s but also the small boutiques in the side streets and market arcades are worth visiting. Take yourself a few hours to explore Dublin shopping life and treat yourself with something nice.

Dine in style

Dublin offers plenty of restaurants and about 1000 pubs spread throughout the city. Choose between the Italian corner on the other side of Ha’Penny bridge, traditional Irish food at Boxtyhouse, Umi Falafel for vegetarians, and many other spots. Hip and trendy little cafes are to be found on every corner and probably more authentic than a traditional restaurant.

Raise your glass

Especially when traveling alone, it’s time to put on that little black dress and go see the folks. The Irish people are very friendly and open-minded which will make it easy to get in touch with some. Especially pubs playing life-music will get you to the dance floor with random people or at latest in the evening at Flannery’s you will meet some people to move on to the next pub or club with. Cabs are cheap and will get you home safe anytime.

What to do

When traveling alone, what you want is being busy. Good that Dublin is a city with plenty of things to visit. Churches such as Christchurch Cathedral and St Patrick’s Cathedral are stunning sights. Dublin Castle makes you dive into Dublin’s history and taking the free guided walking tour (which starts each day at Central bank) will give you insights into the stories of the many Dublin bridges. If you want to catch a breath of fresh air, spend your day at Phoenix Park, being twice the size of Central park in New York. Guided tours are perfect if you’re traveling solo. How about the cliffs of Moher?

Be open-minded

One last thing which is very important when traveling solo: don’t distance yourself from the surroundings. Open up, be neutral and be keen on seeing new things. Besides, people tend to have a soberer eye on the prettiness of cultures and architecture if they are by themselves.