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at the green

design at the green

The Green has been revamped with a contemporary take on classic design, transforming the layout and creating a cohesive interior aesthetic with a cosmopolitan feel throughout. A crisp colour palette of whites, greens and black help to develop a sense of unity and flow throughout the hotel floors. This strong design aesthetic uses bold hues and mixes traditional elements with contemporary materials, to engender a sophisticated vibe.

reading room

A new reading room at street level, visible to passers-by, creates an active vibe that connects the hotel with the city. Clever touches such as full-height glazed screens between the bar and reception space serve to separate the functions, yet allow a clean sight to ensure a buzzing atmosphere. This new spatial design means the public spaces each have the perfect feel, while keeping a feeling of fluidity.


Soft hues in the bedrooms make the space relaxing and the perfect antidote to a busy Dublin day. Savvy space planning ensures the best feel possible, while layered lighting such as reading, side and accent lights create the right atmosphere and functionality. The bathrooms have an elegant feeling, thanks to green metro tiles, crystal-style screens, and dark timber vanity furniture.

the gym

The revamp has also involved the gym areas, situated on the lower floor. With big mirrors and green tiles, the gym area is now in line with the design of the hotel.

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