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5 tips to make your Christmas party memorable

10 October 2018 · 2 min read

We all love that fantastic Christmas atmosphere walking in Grafton street as early as the beginning of …September! Well not really, but Christmas is now less than 15 Mondays away, and while the most wonderful time of year is approaching, it’s probably time to start planning and secure the right Christmas party venue nearby your office before they are all sold out. Below 5 tips that can help you in planning your memorable 2018 Christmas party.

It’s (already) beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Probably nobody in your company is feeling the festive feeling yet but time is ticking so better start sending around some provisional dates among key decision-makers: week date or weekend, November or December? And then, of course, agree on the budget, keeping in mind that this is going to be the night all your staff will talk about for one entire year.

O Christmas tree

What would a Christmas party be without a Christmas tree? Or crackers? Or candles? Ok, you got the point: decorations are essential to give your Christmas party the right atmosphere. It’s important to check that the venue has the right decorations so that you won’t find yourself either in a cold room or in the middle of what looks like an overcrowded Christmas shop.

Have yourself a merry big Christmas party

It could be a challenge for small groups to organise a great Christmas party. Unless you opt for a shared Christmas party. This option will allow your small group to organise a memorable party in a fantastic location, with great food, music and, why not, it will give you and your team the opportunity to meet new people to enjoy your Christmas party fully.

Don’t make it a silent night

Everyone will remember how great, or not, the music will be at your Christmas party. If your budget allows, you could probably explore different possibilities and get that amazing DJ you love, but if you opt for a for a shared Christmas party, you should probably make sure that the venue offers a DJ as part of the package.

Driving home for Christmas?

This is definitely not an option! Better get into a taxi, which can be quite a challenge in Christmas parties’ seasons. What then? Probably the best solution could be to just book a room in the same venue where the Christmas party takes place, so make sure that the hotel you will choose can offer a discount for the party attendees.

For more festive tips and advises to make your Christmas party really memorable, let our Meeting and Events team take care of all your needs with dedicate offers and tailor-made room setups. Please contact the events team on or call us on +353 (0)1 6073573 or visit our dedicated Christmas party page to discover more about our packages and room offers.