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Exploring Dublin

How To Make Friends In Dublin: A Guide On How To Meet New People On A Trip To Dublin

31 July 2017 · 3 min read
Friends In Dublin

If you’re staying in Dublin solo, it’s a good idea to try and meet people. Make sure that your trip is full of new faces so that your address book can be full of new friends.

It’s essential to get out of your room if you want to absorb Dublin culture and find people you get along with. The only question is where you head to first. Luckily, the O’Callaghan ‘The Mont’ hotel is centrally located so you’ve got plenty of options.

Trinity College

Guided tours at Trinity College mean that you’ll be in a wide-ranging group of people who are all interested in the history of this amazing place. If you’re into the cultural history of Ireland, you can bond with a fellow visitor about seeing the astonishing 9th-century Book of Kells for the first time, or discuss the famous people who have attended; from famous writer Oscar Wilde, Dracula author Bram Stoker and satirist Jonathan Swift to actors Katie MacGrath and Jack Gleeson, and even Princess Kako of Japan.

Trinity College of dublin

Since the tour lasts less than an hour if you hit it off with them why not head to the O’Callaghan hotel Dublin bar for a drink? You could end up making a dear friend.

The National Gallery of Ireland

The National Gallery, Dublin

If art is your thing, be sure to head to the National Gallery of Ireland. Founded in 1854, you can explore almost a complete history of Western art beginning from the 1300s. See the classics like Picasso, Goya and Monet and enjoy the paintings of Irish scenes by great Irish artists like Daniel Maclise or George Russell.

There’s every chance that you’ll meet a like-minded artistic soul taking a solo-wander around the paintings, and you can head to the Gallery café to talk all things art.

Guinness tour

Celebrate the black stuff with a brewery tour of Ireland’s most famous export. Purchase one adult ticket and join a tour group as you discover the Guinness Storehouse. There’s bound to be someone else in the group who’s travelling alone, but with a shared love of Guinness, you’ll know you definitely have something in common!

Head up to the roof for an incredible panoramic view over the whole of Dublin as well as a complimentary pint.

The great outdoors

Even in the centre of a bustling metropolitan city like Dublin, you can spend time in the park. Phoenix Park, to be exact—the largest city park in Europe. Zoom around the entire park on a Segway and meet fellow outdoorsy types if you opt for the tour, or simply spend time in the People’s Flower Gardens.

If you want to meet a fellow animal lover, Dublin Zoo might be a good place to start. Based on 40 hectares, the zoo is home to 650 different species including elephants, wolves, penguins and zebras! Whether you meet someone admiring the snakes in the reptile house or taking a picture of a peacock, it’s a chance for a friendship to blossom.

Dublin, like any busy city, has a long history of welcoming travellers. Make a friend there and find an excuse to come back time and again!