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The Ultimate Guide To Dublin’s Free Culture Night In September

12 September 2017 · 2 min read
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Dublin’s upcoming Culture Night is the ideal chance to take a closer look at the many cultural delights on offer within Ireland’s capital. In this once a year Culture Night, hundreds of venues will open their doors to the general public for one night only, completely free of charge. Wondering how to make the best of this great event? Here’s our ultimate guide to Culture Night, from things to do to how to get around…

What is Culture Night?

Culture Night is an Ireland-wide event, offering free access to many amazing buildings, events and venues right across the country. It’s the perfect introduction to the art and entertainment that Dublin is known for and, if the city if new to you, a great chance to see first-hand what makes it tick as well as get a few ideas for things you may want to go back and explore in more detail at a later date.

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Dublin’s culture night is not to be missed if you enjoy architecture, theatre, art or music, with an array of unique events and workshops to enjoy at all participating locations. Dublin was the first city to embrace Culture Night, back in 2016 – and since then the event has only gone from strength to strength, capturing the imagination of both locals and tourists alike. Whether you want to browse a museum, head to a historic house, check out a gallery or an artist’s studio or simply join in with a sing-a-long, there’s something for every possible taste and hobby to enjoy.

When is Culture Night?

Culture Night 2017 takes place on Friday 22nd September 2017 between 5pm – 11pm.

What can I do on Culture Night?

There are so many events to attend, you’ll truly be spoiled for choice. There’s a little of everything, from tours (historic, spooky or even a chance to see a little street art) to live music and art exhibitions all available with no cost at all. All events are within easy access of the Mont Clare Hotel Dublin, from O’Callaghan hotels Dublin. You won’t have time to see it all so we recommend picking just one or two activities to enjoy.

How do I get around?

There are lots of ways to explore Culture Night – on foot, cycling or via the free Culture Night bus. Buses leave every 20 minutes from selected stops between 6pm – 11pm. Follow the official Twitter account for more information on the Dublin bus service.

How do I find out more?

There are lots of ways to get involved and stay updated on Culture Night. This year, there’s a free Culture Night App available on the App Store – we also recommend following Culture Night on Twitter to stay in-the-know. Alternatively, head to the official website for more information on times and events on offer for Culture Night 2017 or check out a brochure for Dublin Culture Night here.